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@ozonexo3 ozonexo3 released this Dec 30, 2017 · 150 commits to master since this release

  • Found all data of Procedural Skybox. v60 scmap is now fully known
  • Editor displays skydome of skybox from map. If map is v56 then it displays default skybox
  • Removed XZ symmetry (it was the same as rotation with 2 steps)
  • Changed symmetry name "X + Z + XZ" to "X + Z"
  • "Diagonal + Diagonal" will now create 4 objects instead of 3 (same as "X + Z")
  • Added "OnStart(scenario)" to default script
  • PlayMap will now also run "ForgedAlliance.exe" (for non steam version)
  • Fixed "Set terrain height" heightmap function
  • Fixed "Export in size" heightmap function
  • UI now restarts when loading other map. Prevent from crash when some menus are open.
  • Blank marker, Mass and Hydro markers will now always snap to ground (not at water level)
  • Fixed UI bug in water settings
  • Editor now regenerate all maps when undoing heightmap change
  • Most of map textures are now regenerated in other threads
  • Slope is now updated while painting heightmap
  • Added map center lines in grid
  • Changed behavior of brush in heightmap painting
  • Flatten brush is now working (finds average height and moves everything to that height)
  • Added new heightmap brush value: target height. It's good for forcing terrain into certain height.
  • Removed path text field to textures in decals menu (no need for them, all will be supported by resource browser in future)
  • Added names of decal texture channels
  • Decal type settings now hide when no decal type selected
  • Fixed wrong rotation of symmetrical object when creating new ones (markers, decals)
  • Dragging and dropping decal into decals list will now create new decal type or select it if exist. If name contains "normal" then decal type will be set to Normal
  • Dragging and dropping decal into gameplay will now create new decal type (if don't exist) and place decal at that position.
  • Added specular to terrain shader (From TTerrain shader, still need to support TTerrainXP because its different)
  • New cursor icons for dragging decals and props from resource browser
  • Added "Keyboard shortcuts" to Help menu



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