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@ozonexo3 ozonexo3 released this Jun 8, 2018 · 87 commits to master since this release

  • Editor allow again to load map by selecting non-scenario files
  • Fixed heightmap import/export
  • Window title is updated when using "save as" or "save as new version"
  • Fixed water depth mask display
  • Added shortcut to editor log in Help/Editor log
  • Added "Clear all" option for props
  • Fixed wrong prop statistic values when removing props
  • Fixed new map window not being hidden when map is created
  • Added warning in resource browser if prop is not reclaimable
  • Props reclaim values in resource browser are now colored by their value
  • Added small info message when map is loaded, saved or successfully exporting files
  • Updated adaptive script and options to new version
  • Editor will now remember last browsing path by type
  • Fixed square and pyramid brushes
  • Added target value to stratum brush
  • Added texture names in Textures/Layer
  • Fixed spawn markers not being created when creating new map
  • Editor now fix paths to custom assets when loading and saving map
  • Fixed rendering preview when water is disabled
  • Editor now loads FAF nx2 files, and use them instead if file exist
  • Added more explanation to the adaptive map options file
  • Props painting is now clamped by current area (use Hide option in Map/Areas if you want to paint outside)
  • Fixes in Map/Areas UI
  • Fixed units snap to ground/water (uses values from blueprint)
  • Added link to UnitDB under Help/Unit Data Base
  • Fixed water sorting order


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