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Official icon theme for Ozon OS
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This is the default icon theme for OzonOS. It also contains several variants with different coloured folders. It's licensed under the GNU GPLv3.


Ubuntu users can install using our PPA. Otherwise, download the source, extract it, and copy the "Ozon" folder to one of the following icon theme locations:

  • Global (all users)
    • /usr/share/icons/
  • Local (current user)
    • ~/.icons
    • ~/.local/share/icons/

You can also run the following commands in your terminal:

git clone
cd ozon-icon-theme
make install

Icon Requests

The Ozon developers will only be covering the programs that come by default with the OS. We will however be welcoming user contributions to fill in the gaps - see below for more info. Regardless, you're more than welcome to submit requests for all missing applications. For normal applications follow this video tutorial, for Steam games follow this one and for Chrome apps just post a link to the webstore page (in each case, substitute "Ozon" for "Numix"). When filing your request please be respectful, patient.

User Contributions

We welcome user contributions for all icons as long as they follow our style guidelines. If you're unsure how to work with GitHub, see this tutorial. We've compiled a list of icons that need to be covered first, so if you want to contribute an icon, but don't know where to start see this list.

Hardcoded Icons

To deal with hardcoded application icons Ozon uses the hardcode-fixer script. To deal with hardcoded status icons we recommend you use the Hardcode Tray script.