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OWASP Dependency Track API client for CI/CD
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OWASP Dependency Track API client. See Dependency-Track docs: Continuous Integration & Delivery for use case.


Local Installation

go get


$ dtrack-audit -h

Send SBOM file to Dependency Track for audit.

Usage of program:
  -g string
        With Sync mode enabled show result and fail an audit if the results include a vulnerability with a severity of specified level or higher. Severity levels are: critical, high, medium, low, info, unassigned. Environment variable is DTRACK_SEVERITY_FILTER
  -i string
        Target SBOM file* (default "bom.xml")
  -k string
        API Key*. Environment variable is DTRACK_API_KEY
  -p string
        Project ID*. Environment variable is DTRACK_PROJECT_ID
  -s    Sync mode enabled. That means: upload SBOM file, wait for scan result, show it and exit with non-zero code
  -t int
        Max timeout in second for polling API for project findings (default 25)
  -u string
        API URL*. Environment variable is DTRACK_API_URL

Fields marked with (*) are required.

Sample output

$ cyclonedx-bom -o bom.xml
$ dtrack-audit -s -g high

SBOM file is successfully uploaded to DTrack API. Result token is 12345f5e-4ccb-45fe-b8fd-1234a8bf0081

2 vulnerabilities found!

 > HIGH: Arbitrary File Write
   Component: adm-zip 0.4.7
   More info: https://dtrack/vulnerability/?source=NPM&vulnId=994

 > CRITICAL: Prototype Pollution
   Component: handlebars 4.0.11
   More info: https://dtrack/vulnerability/?source=NPM&vulnId=755
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