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Turkish General Elections 2015

Collects and analyzes election results. Visit my blog post to read more about the project.

Data Collection

  • :
  • data/TR2015.csv : Province level vote shares (output of
  • data/TR2015_ILCELER.csv : District level vote shares (output of
  • data/iller.csv : Geographical region and other codes data for all the cities
  • TEPLWeb.csv : A great dataset of past Turkish elections by Gunes Murat Tezcur
  • TR_11_15.csv : 2011 and 2015 province level election results merged. (Input to VoteShifts.Rmd)
  • TR_11_15_ilce.csv : 2011 and 2015 district level election results merged. (Input to VoteShifts.Rmd)


  • : Plots 2011 vs 2015 vote shares for each party (see charts/*.PNG in addition to Plotly plots in the blog post) and outputs data/TR_11_15.csv
  • VoteShifts.Rmd : Simply calls the multirate function in VTR.R script developed by Andreadis and creates a contingency table of vote transitions: outputs data/TransitionRates.csv for transition results using province level data, and data/TransitionRates_Ilce.csv for transition results using district level data. (note that these values are before they normalized by parties' actual vote shares in '11). Absolute vote share transitions is in data/Transitions.csv and in data/TransitionRates_Ilce.xlsx files.