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C.R.E.A.M-ery.co is a set of experiments around giving users fiscal agency across the web. Huh?

It's a very early stages playground for exploring The Future Of Money technologies such as mobile wallets, browser APIs, and TPS reports.

Why is it so hard to give and receive money? What if there were a simple, open web standard that protects users identities and makes life easier.

  • Wallet - LIFT API for cross-domain payment
  • GetTheMoney - Simplest way to pay and GET PAYED!
  • Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly - Tablet optimized "digital linear notes" with in-App purchase

Code organization

www - collection of experiments
\---nginx.conf - Hosts c.r.e.a.m-ery.co 
\---get_the_money/ - Node.js app
\---wallet/ - Node.js app hosting include.js
\---ball-of-wax/ - git submodule


The navigator.payz API has the following inputs: amount, accepted_types, merchant_email, and options

All options are optional:

  • payee - optional - email address of customer
  • description - payment description
  • cancel_callback - invoked if user cancels when entering payment info
  • complete - callback function. Error will be null if everything was successful or a string if there was a problem. The complete callback will never be invoked if user cancels. See {Reciept} below for reiept format.

Example complete callback:

function (error, reciept) {


Reciept object: The second input to the callback is a reciept. Example:

  transaction_id: '32lkj432kj42l4j',
  created: 'Tue, 10 Jan 2012 06:30:03 GMT',
  amount: 1000,
  currency: 'USD',
  payment_type: 'VISA',
  payment_id: '3666',
  assertion: 'zsfdslkjfds3j324... really long string ... sdkjf',

It has the following properties:

  • assertion - A reciept should not be trusted without server side verificaiton that the reciept is valid. Values of the reciept object are available immediately for use client-side in presenting a reciept to the user. Assertion verification will provide additional information, which is useful for your merchant backend system.

  • amount is in cents, so 1000 is 10.00.

  • payment_id is a user distinguishable portion of their payment routing information, such as the last 4 digits of a credit card.

  • transaction_id - Globably unique id for this transaction

Code example:

var accepted_types = ['VISA', 'MASTERCARD', 'IOU'],
    options = {
      payee: 'alice@example.com',
      description: 'Cheddar',
      complete: function (error, reciept) {
        $.ajax('/verify', {reciept: reciept}, confirmReciept);        

navigator.payz(1000, accepted_types, billing@example.com, options);

We can see that example.com's webpage would invoke this script, to collect $10 from Alice.


  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • node 0.6.6
  • ozten/connect-browserid