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iediot - Continious Integration for the Web

A very simple webpage which you can use in the background, on browsers
that you can't be bothered to actually hit refresh on. Perhaps you
have to support a platform for the layperson or casual web user.

Example: Say you are developing some JavaScript and CSS with Firefox
on your Mac. Also nearby is Windows XP running with IE 6 or 7... 
you've finished your super sweet new feature and hit refresh and BOOM!

Anothe workflow is to load your test page into iediot on IE 6. Ideally
this page does nothing but exercise your API and execute unit / regression
tests with no output except for errors. Now as you are hacking, 
iediot is hitting your test page every 30 seconds. Now you are no more
than 30 seconds away from retracing your steps and seeing which CSS
visually broke IE, or which JavaScript call started breaking your unit
tests. Think CruiseControl for IE, Opera, etc.


      Make icon for "Test Full Screen"

      have Bookmarketlet grab currently hosted url
      persist all previous values and
      provide type ahead 

      document that all script / css tags must use a no cache query string param