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#ifndef VERIFIER_H
#define VERIFIER_H 1
#include <config.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sasl/sasl.h> /* saslplug.h should have included this ?!? */
#include <sasl/saslplug.h>
#include "yajl/yajl_parse.h"
#include "yajl/yajl_tree.h"
#define MAX_STATUS 64
#define MAX_RESP_FIELD 1024
struct browserid_response_t {
char status[MAX_STATUS]; /* "okay" */
char email[MAX_RESP_FIELD]; /* */
char audience[MAX_RESP_FIELD]; /* */
long long expires; /* timeout */
char issuer[MAX_RESP_FIELD]; /* */
char reason[MAX_RESP_FIELD]; /* Set if status is failure */
* Uses the BrowserID webservice to verify an identity assertion
* for a given audience. Returns a browserid_response_t.
int browserid_verify(const sasl_utils_t *utils, struct browserid_response_t *browserid_response, const char *assertion, const char *audience);
#endif /* VERIFIER_H */
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