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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ you depended on username and password. Calling 'get-keys-to-the-kingdom'
would fail if a valid username/password combo were entered.
You add SASL BROWSER-ID. Calling 'get-keys-to-the-kingdom' always
-successeds as long as the user submitted a valid verify email assertion
+succeeds as long as the user submitted a valid verify email assertion
and audience. Even if '' should not have been allowed
access to 'keys-to-the-kingdom'.
@@ -23,15 +23,16 @@ Basically, we need to make sure that we've been authenticated as a
valid user. How this is done will vary system by system.
* Enforce ACL in your configuration
* Enforce strict mapping of email address into valid accounts
* Discover email address and make sure it's known
* Have a 'new user' registration path for unknown users
-So with our keys-to-the-kingdom approach, we could query a database to
+So with our get-keys-to-the-kingdom function, we could query a database to
make sure the email address exists in our user table.
-The following are specific SASL enabled services:
+The following tips are specific SASL enabled services:
## OpenLDAP ##
Make sure your slapd.conf has ACL that restrict access
@@ -55,9 +56,12 @@ Example slapd.conf snippets:
In code, use ldap's whoami function and ensure that the DN does not
contain `cn=browser-id`.
-If whoami is unavailable, good ACL and a ACL test suite are critical.
+If whoami is unavailable in your programming language, good ACL and a
+ACL test suite are critical.
### Testing Notes ###
Make sure unknown email addresses fail when trying to search/add/modify/delete.
-Make sure multiple records with the email address cause an auth failure.
+Make a test case where multiple records with the verified email address
+cause an auth failure. Search based mapping should have one and only one
+match for a known email address.

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