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param (
#If this param is not supplied when calling the script then set the cache size to 10GB
$CacheSize = 10240
function Set-CCMCacheSize {
Sets the CCMCache to a size of your choosing in MB
Sets the CCMCache to a size of your choosing in MB. By default, if no parameters are supplied then the cache size is resized to 10GB.
To use this in Configuration Manager, on the Programs tab on the Deployment Type, set the 'Program' to be: powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file .\SetCCMCacheSize.ps1 -cachesize 6144
Where the number after -cacheSize reflects the size in MB that you want the CCMCache size to be. If you leave out the -CacheSize parameter then the size defaults to 10GB.
Set-CCMCacheSize -Size 6144
Sets the cache size to 6GB (6 * 1024)
Created: 06-Nov-2014
Author: OH
$Computername = 'localhost',
Begin {}
Process {
foreach ($Computer in $Computername) {
write-verbose "Initialising the com object"
$CCM = New-Object -com UIResource.UIResourceMGR
write-verbose "Setting Cache Size on: $computer ..."
($ccm.GetCacheInfo()).totalsize = $Size
Write-verbose "Done`n"
write-verbose "Updating registry..."
#Create the reg Key that we will use for checking installation via SCCM
New-Item -Path HKLM:\System\CSU\CCMCache -force
#Add size that ccmcache was changed to in MB
New-ItemProperty -path HKLM:\System\CSU\CCMCache -name 'SizeInMB' -Value $Size -PropertyType string -force
}#end proc
#Script entry point
Set-CCMCacheSize -Size $CacheSize