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Project Benson - MTA Turnstile Data

Team 3 Team Members:

  • James Evers
  • Ozzie Liu
  • Andy Sherman-Ash
  • Dan Yawitz


You can find the pdf presentation in this repository, and an in-depth analysis on my [blog post].

Project Approach

Our team approached our client's project by looking at 3 particular data points to help us find the best subway stations to place street teams.

We recognize that our client wants to build awareness and reach of women in technology through a summer gala open to everyone that's interested, but also those that can benefit their fundraising efforts. Of course, we want to target the most popular subway stations, but we also examine city demographic and tech company distributions for the areas that would be interested. Finally, we look at the best time of day to place the street teams.

Project Proposal:

An email from a potential client:

Mike, Vinny & Julia -

It was great to meet with you and chat at the event where we recently met and had a nice chat. We’d love to take some next steps to see if working together is something that would make sense for both parties.

As we mentioned, we are interested in harnessing the power of data and analytics to optimize the effectiveness of our street team work, which is a significant portion of our fundraising efforts.

WomenTechWomenYes (WTWY) has an annual gala at the beginning of the summer each year. As we are new and inclusive organization, we try to do double duty with the gala both to fill our event space with individuals passionate about increasing the participation of women in technology, and to concurrently build awareness and reach.

To this end we place street teams at entrances to subway stations. The street teams collect email addresses and those who sign up are sent free tickets to our gala.

Where we’d like to solicit your engagement is to use MTA subway data, which as I’m sure you know is available freely from the city, to help us optimize the placement of our street teams, such that we can gather the most signatures, ideally from those who will attend the gala and contribute to our cause.

The ball is in your court now—do you think this is something that would be feasible for your group? From there we can explore what kind of an engagement would make sense for all of us.


Karrine and Dahlia

WTWY International