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Push and Shove

A tiny Sketch plugin for manipulating layers in various evil ways:

  • Resize layers backwards (from the bottom right edge) by just adding ^ to your combo: ^ ⌘ → (ctrl + cmd + any arrow key) and ^ ⇧ ⌘ → for 10px (ctrl + shift + cmd + any arrow key)

Like this

Resize layers backwards

  • Move layers half a pixel in any direction with ^ ⎇ → (ctrl + alt + any arrow key)
  • Resize layers half a pixel in any direction with ^ ⇧ ⎇ → (ctrl + shift + alt + any arrow key)

And this

Move layers half a pixel to align odd sized shapes

  • Align layers horizontally and vertically accuretly (similar to "Pixel Fitting" setting) with ⌘ [ and ⌘ ] (cmd + bracket keys).
  • Align layers horizontally and vertically to artboard with ⌘ ⎇ [ and ⌘ ⎇ ] (cmd + alt + bracket keys).

Or maybe this

Align layers accuretly


  • Toggle the proportions constraint of layers with ^ ⌘ c (ctrl + cmd + C).
  • Replace a layer with one(s) you've just copied with ^ ⇧ ⌘ v (ctrl + shift + cmd + V).

How to Install

  1. Download and open
  2. Open push-and-shove.sketchplugin (Sketch will automatically install the plugin)


  • Tested on Sketch 3.8.3
  • Toggle proportions constraint works with any layers except for text and slices
  • Since Sketch 3.7, canvas somtimes flashes after performing one of the plugin actions, haven't figured out yet how to fix this :)


Sketch plugin for resizing, aligning and generally manipulating layers wickedly



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