Sketch plugin for swaping styles between two layers
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Swap Styles

A little plugin for swapping styles between two layers in Sketch. Don't ⌘ βŒ₯ c/⌘ βŒ₯ v endlessly, just have a little ⌘ ^ s (cmd + ctrl + S).

Like this

Swap text styles

And this

Swap shape and text styles

Or maybe this

Swap even weird styles!

How to Install

  1. Download and open
  2. Open Swap Styles.sketchplugin (Sketch will automatically install the plugin)


  • Tested on Sketch 40.3
  • Works with shape and text layers
  • Swaps layers' fills, borders, shadows, blur, opacity and blend mode
  • Zoom blur's origin is always reset upon swapping :<