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* Copyright © 2013–2014 Philipp Emanuel Weidmann <>
* Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem.
* This file is part of Final Term.
* Final Term is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* Final Term is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with Final Term. If not, see <>.
public class ScrollableListView<T, E> : Clutter.Actor {
private Mx.ScrollView scroll_view;
private Mx.ListView list_view;
private Clutter.Model list_model;
public ScrollableListView(NotifyingList<T> list, Type item_type, Type item_view_type, string item_property_name) {
scroll_view = new Mx.ScrollView();
* The goal here is to work around the fact that the Mx ScrollView "shadow"
* cannot be disabled by clipping the ScrollView and compensating for the clipping
* using padding (see style.css). However, multiple Mx bugs stand in the way.
* Notably, the ScrollView fails to calculate the child widget's height properly
* when padding is applied. The "solution" seen here was found by examining the
* Mx source code (
* and currently only works with vertical scrolling.
// TODO: The scrollbar's top and bottom ranges lie slightly outside the visible part of the view
scroll_view.add_constraint(new Clutter.BindConstraint(this, Clutter.BindCoordinate.X, 0));
scroll_view.add_constraint(new Clutter.BindConstraint(this, Clutter.BindCoordinate.Y, -15));
scroll_view.add_constraint(new Clutter.BindConstraint(this, Clutter.BindCoordinate.WIDTH, 0));
scroll_view.add_constraint(new Clutter.BindConstraint(this, Clutter.BindCoordinate.HEIGHT, 45));
clip_to_allocation = true;
list_view = new Mx.ListView();
list_view.factory = new ItemViewFactory<E>(item_view_type);
list_model = new Clutter.ListModel(1, item_type, null);
list_view.model = list_model;
list_view.add_attribute(item_property_name, 0);
// Synchronize model with list
foreach (var item in list) {
list_model.append(0, item, -1);
list.item_inserted.connect((index, item) => {
list_model.insert(index, 0, item, -1);
list.item_removed.connect((index, item) => {
list.item_modified.connect((index, item) => {
// TODO: This does not work (Vala crash):
//public delegate bool FilterFunction(T item);
//public delegate int SortFunction(T item_1, T item_2);
public delegate bool FilterFunction<G>(G item);
public delegate int SortFunction<G>(G item_1, G item_2);
public void set_filter_function(FilterFunction<T> filter_function) {
list_model.set_filter((model, iter) => {
return filter_function((T)iter.get_value(0).get_object());
public void set_sort_function(SortFunction<T> sort_function) {
list_model.set_sort(0, (model, a, b) => {
return sort_function((T)a.get_object(), (T)b.get_object());
// Returns the number of items that are actually displayed
public int get_number_of_items() {
return (int)list_model.get_n_rows();
public bool is_valid_item_index(int item_index) {
return (item_index >= 0 && item_index < get_number_of_items());
// Returns the item at the specified index,
// taking into account filtering and sorting
// (i.e. considering the items as they are displayed)
public T? get_item(int item_index) {
if (!is_valid_item_index(item_index))
return null;
return (T)list_model.get_iter_at_row(item_index).get_value(0).get_object();
// TODO: This method should return an object of type E, but Vala
// does not support constraints on generic parameters ("E implements ItemView"),
// so it is more convenient to return an ItemView here
private ItemView? get_item_view(int item_index) {
if (!is_valid_item_index(item_index))
return null;
return (ItemView)list_view.get_child_at_index(item_index);
public void update_item(int item_index) {
if (!is_valid_item_index(item_index))
public void scroll_to_item(int item_index) {
if (!is_valid_item_index(item_index))
// NOTE: item.get_geometry() does not work here
// because the layout manager takes over positioning
var geometry = Clutter.Geometry();
var allocation_box = get_item_view(item_index).get_allocation_box();
geometry.x = (int)allocation_box.get_x();
geometry.y = (int)allocation_box.get_y();
geometry.width = (uint)allocation_box.get_width();
geometry.height = (uint)allocation_box.get_height();
private void on_settings_changed(string? key) { = Settings.get_default(); = Settings.get_default();
private class ItemViewFactory<G> : Object, Mx.ItemFactory {
private Type type;
public ItemViewFactory(Type type) {
this.type = type;
public Clutter.Actor create() {
var object =;
if (object is ItemView) {
} else {
critical(_("Object does not implement the ItemView interface"));
return (Clutter.Actor)object;
// TODO: Rename (Mx also provides a class called "ItemView")?
public interface ItemView : Clutter.Actor {
public abstract void construct();
public abstract void update();