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P/OS Packages Operating System
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P/OS - Packages Operating System's: Non-Profit Software distribution's in early state.
Fork's for unbreakable non-profit distributions.

The distribution's are focused on:
Source and binary package managment systems
Generic and unmodified applications
Whole system building from source
Server and desktop usage
Secure portability
KISS principal

2019/08/20 1.1.2 ( Software Non-Profit License)
(c) Development, copy, duplication, reproduction, (re)distribution non-profit license:

  1. License / SNPL
    1.1. Unexceptional non warranty for "" developments, software, data and damages.
    1.2. Non copyright notice is needed for all the matters "", but this license must be shipped with "" software and is (c)
    1.3. The license and name can be publicized in all ways of publications, without any negative.
    1.4. An update to a newer version of " 1.1" is every time possible, by 100% preservation of this text started with " 1.1".
    1.5. Unexceptional lawful usage of (c) Development, copy, duplication, reproduction, (re)distribution non-profit license: " 1.1" developments, software, data and damages.
    1.6. Unexceptional non-profit developments, software, data and damages via "".
    1.7. Others licenses/proprietary software is welcome and integrateable after the 1.1.
    1.8. Unexceptional every developments, software, data licensed with "" cant be relicensed.
    1.9. The license is orientated on international rules and laws.
    1.10. The developments, software, data and damages are without exception affairs of the projects.

  2. Legal
    2.1. (c) provides the / SNPL and the text only unexceptional by international rules and laws.
    2.2. The license is non-profit and free-of-costs and cant be changed since first release 1.1.
    2.3. Everything and everyone can use the SNPL.

End of 1.1.2.

Additional Information: Unexceptional the whole P/OS family is expanded und developt by the / SNPL 1.1-1.1.2+ license.

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