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A web application for producing NDVI and other composites from DIY multispectral cameras
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The code behind (and in front of) -- providing multispectral image compositing in the browser, as well as image saving online.

Deprecation warning

We are seeking to replace the interactive interface at with a self-contained JavaScript application at:

The new infragram repository is separate from the file-storage systems in this Node-based system. We plan to make the infragram interface linkable to various storage back-ends, including

The new system is far more modularly written and easier to read & maintain. We'd love help completing it!


To get started,

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd infragram-js/public
$ make
$ ./
$ firefox http://localhost:8000

To run the whole node server:

  • you'll need nodejs, npm, and mongodb -- ubuntu/debian: sudo apt-get install nodejs npm mongodb
  • install node modules with npm install
  • run sudo node app.js or sudo nodejs app.js from the root directory.
  • navigate to http://localhost:8001/sandbox/

You'll need coffeescript (sudo npm install coffee-script -g) to compile the javascript source. After editing the various .coffee files in the public directory, run make to compile them:

  • cd public
  • make
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