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Welcome! Pioneer Valley Open Science (PVOS) promotes and hosts science hackathons, workshops, and collaborations in the Pioneer Valley area of Western Massachusetts.

We also try to cross-post our ongoing work as much as possible on the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS), and to conduct most of our online discussion on their very cool PLOTS Google Group; for now, our plan is to use this wiki as a sort of "scratch pad" for various research projects on which we're working, and then frequently to post any resultant useful material on the PLOTS site.

Below are links to [PVOS](( wiki+comment pages on various of our active research topics. Please feel free to explore and contribute!

How to contribute: We're compiling some detailed notes on how to edit this wiki; but in any case, you'll need to be logged in to github (signing up for github is free) -- click 'sign in' on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Please click on any of the images or links below in order to navigate to the associated research page.

Aerial / Underwater Imaging

Projects related to low-cost but effective balloon-, kite-, and underwater drone-based imaging platforms.


A listing of resources and projects related to K-12 education.

Workshops + Events

Local workshops related to various "open science" research topics.

Laboratory Prep / Analysis

Devices and techniques useful for in a research laboratory setting -- where the laboratory might be located in a university building, a kitchen, a forest clearing, or a pond ...

Sensors / Pollutants / Environmental / Energy / Sanitation


Hackerspaces + Working Groups



Open Hardware Repository

Open Education / Access / Resources

Links / Resources

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