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Google Proxy

Installation - Application

Using a separate unprivileged user for running the application:

  1. Create the new user:

    # useradd -m bpa
  2. Install required packages (fabric, rsync, virtualenv):

    # apt-get install fabric rsync virtualenv
  3. Create an SSH key for your account, if you don't already have one. Then add this key to bpa's list of authorized keys.

  4. Setup deployment tree:

    $ fab venv setup
  5. Deploy:

    $ fab venv deploy
  6. Start the application:

    $ fab venv restart

  7. Install nginx:

    $ apt-get install nginx
  8. Copy or merge supplied google-proxy-nginx.conf into your nginx configuration:

    # cp /path/to/google-proxy-nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-available
    # ln -s ../sites-available/google-proxy-nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
  9. Restart nginx:

    # /etc/init.d/nginx reload
  10. Add gs to /etc/hosts:

    # vi /etc/hosts

If you now go to http://gs you should see Google's adjusted home page.

Installation - Firefox/Iceweasel

Use supplied script to modify Firefox or Iceweasel to use google proxy.

  1. Install lxml:

    # apt-get install python-lxml
  2. Find out where your search plugins are installed:

    $ dpkg -L iceweasel |grep searchplugins

    If the above command produces no results, try a less restrictive spelling:

    $ dpkg -L iceweasel |grep search
  3. Use the script to adjust google search plugin:

    $ python /etc/iceweasel/searchplugins/locale/en-US/google.xml > /tmp/adjusted
    # mv /tmp/adjusted /etc/iceweasel/searchplugins/locale/en-US/google.xml
  4. Delete cached search configuration:

    $ rm ~/.mozilla/**/search.json
  5. Restart Firefox/Iceweasel.

Searching via google should now use google proxy.