Basics of a Twin–stick shooter written in ES6 for a workshop
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Twin-Stick Shooter

Basics of a Twin–stick shooter written in ES6 for the workshop at FRONTFEST MOSCOW on November 18th, 2017.

How we'll work

We will discuss about the Twin-Stick Shooter game genre, how to structure a game, and we will have two coding sessions to implement the key parts of a Twin-Stick Shooter in ES6.

What you'll need

Bring your laptop, a copy of this repository, a recent browser and editor and you're set.

The workshop folder contains the basics of the game and classes with comments for the different tasks to implement during the coding sessions.

The folder solutions and the files solution1.js to solution9.js contain the basic implementation of the tasks and some additional hints in case you get stuck or want to focus on other tasks.

Additional content

Check the finished folder to see a working implementation.

The polished folder for a more funky version.

What is this all about ?


Mathieu @p01 Henri -