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These are my entries for the DemoJS demoparty.

See the demos online

2011 entry v2: How does it work?

The screen is splitted in a grid of squares, and spheres are bucketed in this grid.


  • To render a square, the background is redrawn, then spheres in this square are redrawn back-to-front after z-sort (aka painter algorithm).
  • Because shadowBlur is slow, the shadow is done using gradients.
  • Gradient for all radiuses are precomputed before-hand.
  • Occluded spheres do not get drawn.
  • To save the cost of drawing very small spheres, we draw a small rect instead.
  • Also some of the spheres are precomputed bitmaps because it's faster (but then, no gradients).
  • Squares when nothing happened are left untouched.

2012 entry: How to make a blur in Canvas?

Repeateadly downsize a back-buffer canvas by 2, then blend some of these downsized buffer on the original. The blur here is stateful: I would recommend against it for framerate issues will come up.