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IsCentrelinkDown Blocked Call Statistics Project

As an increasing number of Australians are unable to get through to Centrelink whilst our government keeps on reccomending to call Centrelink there are some obvious issues that are not being addressed.

This project ultimately aims to replicate the results of a very patient person that has to phone centrelink phone numbers all day.

But as it's not a person it doesn't need to stay on the line to talk to an operator - so it will hang up once it detects that it is in queue.

repeating the process ad nauseam until centrelink close.

For more information on why this exists please see our #NotMyDebt senate submission - We're number 27.

What's inside these files?

Each file (seperated by year) contains the result of each call attempt from 20/06/2017 that the @CentrelinkDown server has made.

It's in a comma seperated values format - Header rows are in order: Phone number called, Whether the call got through, Test Day of the Week, Test Month, Test Date, Test Time, Test Week Number

For your statistical analysis and graphing pleasure!

You can line up the phone numbers by looking at centrelink's phone us page here:

As of writing the tested services are:

  • Customer Compliance Branch 1800086400
  • Debt Recovery 1800 076 072
  • Family Asistance 13 61 50
  • Feedback Complaints 1800 132 468
  • Indigenous Debt Recovery 1800138193
  • Newstart Allowance 132850
  • Youth Allowance - job seeker 132490
  • MyGov (Also Centrelink Tech Support) 132307
  • Older Australians 132 300
  • Disability/Carers 132 717

I have also included the actual code I did to create this during the testing that happened.

Package requirements (from my old notes getting it to work on CentOS)

you need some form of scheduler to repeatedly run the script at the appropriate time - I used Centreon for it's pretty advanced scheduling. wouldn't necessarily reccomend it again but it worked.


Updated CPAN

upgrade - packages in CPAN

Digest::MD5 --installed via yum

Install Net::DNS

The automated tweets code will come in due course.


This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence - see for details

Acknowledgments in alphabetical order

  • @CyberShambles
  • @NewtonMark
  • @posty
  • @Tarale
  • @Zedsupremus
  • #CentrelinkDown crew (you know who you are)
  • #NotMyDebt
  • All the active slack crew and anyone who has answered questions :)
  • Anyone who has interacted constructively with @CentrelinkDown on twitter