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Naoki Kishi

Student Engineer with wide experiences of engineering internship and manager of community.


Various experiences of developing API, website, and library as internship and private. Advanced implementation skills with Go and Python. Manager of one of the biggest student engineer community in Kyoto.


LINE Corporation, Tokyo
Server-side Engineer (Internship)
February 2019 to March 2019

  • Developed API for real time quiz competition where live streamers can communicate with hundreds of audiences interactively
  • Took measures against expected spike access by using Redis instead of MySQL and accomplished no down time

Manager of a community for students leaning IT engineering in Kyoto
December 2018 to Present

  • Manage working space for students and organize study session
  • Fixed official website bugs, wrote unit tests for internal API
  • Created development environments using Docker, which made other members develop easily


1st prize in a hackathon held by pixiv Inc.
December 2018

  • Participated in a hackathon to make a brand new web service, created an illust viewer named Marshiv, which tiles hundreds of illusts continuously as you scroll down
  • Developed from scratch in cooperation with a mentor in 10 hours using Nuxt.js


Kyoto University, Kyoto
Bachelor of Engineering April 2017 to Present

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.68, Major GPA: 4.05
  • Relevant Coursework: Information Theory, Computer Programming, Basic Informatics, Computer Hardware Design



  • RSS, Atom, and JSON feed generator from multiple data written in Go
  • You can generate feeds from any data you want by implementing interface

Announcement bot in Kyoto University

  • Twitter bot for announcing class information written in Python
  • Built with VPS server, used cron job scheduler

  • My website that introduce my profile
  • Crawls my posts in various websites automatically using p1ass/feeder


Go, Python, JavaScript, Java, C, HTML, Git, Docker, MySQL, GAE, Firebase

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