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Hexagonal Iso-Path
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Hexagonal Iso-Path

HIP is an interesting board game created by youtuber pocket83. Watch this video to see his explanation of the game, its rules, and how to make a physical version from scratch. Huge thanks to Red Blob Games for this tutorial on hex grid coordinate systems, my original approach would have been disgustingly inelegant.


  1. Install python 2.7.x (latest release) from here. The default settings are fine, but if you do mess with it, make sure that pip is included and python gets added to your path.
  2. Install pygame by opening up a shell and typing pip install pygame
  3. Have fun playing HIP


Edit to change settings, and run to play the game. All colors/sizes/fonts are adjustable. At the end of each game a replay is saved to the /replays/ folder. They are named by timestamp so they should stay in order, but I suggest renaming ones that you don't want to lose regardless. To view a replay pass it as an argument to (e.g. python replays/sample.replay). To control the replay use the left and right arrow keys or space/return and backspace/esc.


(all images created by pocket83)

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