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PyPI to Debian

  • py2dsp - converts PyPI package to Debian source package
  • pypi2debian - converts PyPI repository to Debian repository


  • uses PyPI metadata
  • supports Python 2.X, 3.X and PyPy
  • guesses build dependencies
  • reuses existing Debian package names if already packaged in Debian
  • creates -doc package with Sphinx regenerated documentation
  • generates ITP email template
  • easy to customise (profiles, overrides, templates)
  • uses Debian tools to generate files if possible
  • integrates with dh-python's tools
  • asynchronous


  • py2dsp jinja2 will download, unpack and debianize jinja2 in ./result/jinja2-2.8/
  • py2dsp jinja2-2.8.tar.gz will unpack and debianize jinja2 in ./result/jinja2-2.8/
  • py2dsp ./result/jinja2-2.8/ will debianize Jinja2 in provided directory

if debian/changelog didn't exist, above commands will also create jinja2_2.8-0~py2deb.mail file with ITP (intend to package) template

  • pypi2debian will convert PyPI packages to Debian source packages in ./result directory
  • pypi2debian --build-cmd "sbuild -c unstable" as above, but will also try to build these packages using sbuild (if "unstable" schroot is already set up)
  • pypi2debian --python3 --classifiers 'Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux' will create only python3-foo packages for all Linux compatible packages. See classifiers page for possible --classifiers values


To override pypi2deb's auto detected values and auto generated files use overrides mechanism.

Each package has its own subdirectory in ./overrides dir (can be changed via PYPI2DEB_OVERRIDES_PATH env. variable) - complete files, modified templates (.tpl files) or ctx.json file can be stored there. Each file that doesn't have .tpl extension will be copied to the result directory, including f.e. debian/patches dir.

ctx.json file in overrides/foo/ directory will overwrite auto detected values (see list below). For the same purpose py2dsp section in setup.cfg file can be used.

To provide different templates for all packages, point pypi2deb to them via PYPI2DEB_TEMPLATES_PATH env. variable.

To use different PyPI server - set PYPI_JSON_URL and PYPI_XMLRPC_URL env. variables.

ctx values

  • author - upstream author's name and email
  • binary_arch - binary package's architecture
  • build_depends - build dependencies
  • clean_files - files to remove in clean step
  • copyright - upstream copyrights (one line)
  • creator - name and email used in changelog and copyright files
  • deb_copyright - Debian packaging copyrights
  • deb_license_name - Debian packaging license name
  • debian_revision - 0~pypi2deb by default
  • description - project's raw description
  • distribution - Debian's suite
  • exports - variables exported in debian/rules
  • homepage - project's homepage
  • interpreters - supported Python interpreters (python, python3, pypy)
  • license - license's full text
  • license_name - license name
  • maintainer - maintainer's full name and email
  • name - upstream project name
  • src_name - debianized upstream project name
  • summary - package's short description
  • uploaders - co-maintainers of the package
  • vcs_browser - URL to web-browsable copy of the Version Control System repository
  • vcs_name - VCS name, f.e. Git, Svn, etc.
  • vcs_src - location of the Version Control System
  • version - upstream version
  • with - list of dh's --with extensions
  • docs
    • sphinx_dir - directory with documentation (Sphinx)
    • files - list of files / dirs to be installed as documentation
    • examples - list of example files / dirs
    • examples_dir - relative path to directory with examples