Start module for sumo robots
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p1r Changed repetition frequency (again)
Changed how the start commands are sent. using the last revisions code,
a situation could happen where one robot starts a long time after the
other, which would lead to an unfair match. This update makes the start
button send start commands very quickly. Stop commands are still sent
at a rate of 114ms as long as stop button is pressed.
Latest commit 2300ed6 Mar 27, 2013

Robot-sumo start module

Visit for information of how the start module system works.

This page is mainly for those who are interested in the sourcecode and schematics of the start module.


The purpose of this git repository is to maintain the robot-sumo start module system which is an open source and open hardware project.n The purpose of the module is to make robot-sumo matches more fair and less time consuming by eliminating the possibilites of false starts. This is done by each robot having a receiver(start module) that are programmed to suply the robot with at start signal when the referee sends the signal via an IR-remote.