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+CSVManipulator was started because I needed to work with CSV files often, if only to remove a column or to sort the file, and using Numbers (or other office applications) is just too clumsy for simple stuff like that.
+It's very unfinished but many things work, I'm putting it here due to low activity from my side on the project.
+* Open CSV, TSV (and potentially any-SV) files
+* Save as CSV
+* Add, remove, rearrange columns
+* Add, remove, sort rows
+* Change cell data (currently everything is treated as NSString)
+* Undo (implemented, but the need-to-save indicator is not updating correctly)
+* Perform math operations on columns, e.g. write the result from col_a + col_b into a third column
+* Export to various formats which the user can create. Predefined formats include CSV, SQL and LaTeX.
+The application contains a potentially powerful but unfinished export format creator. It lets you define how you want your data exported in a very flexible way, take a look at the predefined formats (SQL, LaTeX) and how they are implemented.

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