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CocoaRestClient is a Mac OS X app for testing HTTP/Restful endpoints.

I love curl, but sometimes I need my output XML or JSON pretty printed. I want to be able to save frequent PUT and POST bodies for later and copy and paste from responses easily. Think of this as curl with a light UI.

The goal of this project is to build a lightweight native Cocoa app for testing and debugging HTTP Restful services. This project was greatly inspired by the Java rest-client (


  • Make GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD calls
  • Set request body to arbitrary content
  • Set request headers
  • Set HTTP basic & digest auth
  • Auto-format (pretty print) XML and JSON responses
  • Display response headers
  • Quick save requests in a handy drawer
  • Upload files and form data via multipart/form-data
  • Enter POST/PUT input as raw input or key/value pairs
  • Reports response latency
  • Command-R reloads last request
  • Lightweight: Low real memory usage
  • SSL Support (including untrusted certificates)
  • Optionally follows HTTP redirects
  • Import and export requests


Screenshot 1

Pretty print XML content. Quick save of request URLs, body, and headers in one convenient drawer.

Screenshot 2

Pretty print JSON content. Set and save HTTP headers.

Screenshot 3

Set HTTP Basic or Digest Auth. Displays HTTP response headers.

Screenshot 4

Set HTTP request body content to a raw text blob or a list of parameters.

Screenshot 5

Upload files using HTTP multipart requests. HTTP form encoding also supported.

Source and Contributions

  • Source code is now hosted on Github:
  • If you would like to contribute, please fork and create a pull request on Github
  • Downloads and issues will still be kept up to date on Google Code. I will probably keep source up to date with each release.
  • I don't plan on switching from Garbage Collection to ARC until I drop 10.6 support, as there seems to be some limitations with ARC on 10.6. I will most likely switch to ARC when OS X 10.8 is released.
  • I am not turning on AutoLayout constraints in my xib files until I drop 10.6 support.


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