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Pablo Molina's website

This project is generated on using the awesome github-pages. If you want to create a project using this code just fork the repository and start working, but please if you want to copy anything follow the LICENSE (not a big deal). However, if you just want to suggest me any change, I will be extremly grateful.



Github Pages and Jekyll

As I said, this page is compiled with github-pages, which uses jekyll static site generator in the background. The easiest way of using jekyll on your computer (for development or production), is installing the ruby interpreter (>= 2.3) and bundler. Bundler is a tool that installs ruby gems from a Gemfile, and in my case it just installs the gem github-pages. This gem installs the exact tools with the versions that github-pages uses for compiling, so no conflict may appear on production. If you plan to use jekyll by your own, just follow jekyll's installation guide.

If you need any extra jekyll plugin (there are a lot), you should know that github-pages does not provide this functionallity, you will have to compile your site manually.

Once you have jekyll installed you can use these simple commands for start working:

  • jekyll new [site] will create a new [site] folder with a starting boilerplate (not necesary for this project).
  • jekyll serve runs your project on a simple web server, localhost:4000 by default.
  • jekyll build will deploy your static site, by default on a _site folder inside your project. Note that most files starting with _ are jekyll special files.

Now you can start editing your _config.yml file, which you can use for setting lots of options to jekyll, or even adding global variables. This project is quite simple, so read jekyll's documentation for further learning.


I use a cloud9 workspace for manipulating this projects. If you are one of those who uses cloud9 (personally I don't know anyone using c9) you can clone or contribute to the project using that nice machine.