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Mac file renaming utility, R-Name, rewritten in Swift.
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R-Name S
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R-Name S

R-Name S

Once upon a time there was a really neat file renaming utility called R-Name. Then Apple dropped support for PPC emulation in OS X, but the original developer wasn't maintaining R-Name anymore. Someone had picked up the source code so they released it as a Universal Binary (R-Name UB).

Now I can't even find a recent R-Name online, but I have the source code of the version I currently use. This project is to recreate R-Name in pure Swift code.


  1. Clone R-Name as a Swift application leaving the whole application design alone.
  2. Revise & update the UI.
  3. Look at possible new features.


In keeping with the spirit of Yoichi Tagaya's work, R-Name S will be donationware. However I have decided to make MSF the benificiary of R-Name S.

New Feature Ideas

  • Operation history.
  • Saved operations.
  • Name conflict resolution.


Copyright (c) 2018 Pedro fp

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