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IsGd Helper

A simple wrapper of as a helper for Yii 2 Framework.


Once P2Y2Things is installed, you can use IsGd in your code with...

	use p2m\helpers\IsGd;
	echo IsGd::shortenUrl($inputUrl);
	echo IsGd::checkInput($inputUrl);
	echo IsGd::checkResult($shortenedUrl);


	echo \p2m\helpers\IsGd::shortenUrl($inputUrl);
	echo \p2m\helpers\IsGd::checkInput($inputUrl);
	echo \p2m\helpers\IsGd::checkResult($shortenedUrl);

In general, the first is best when using IsGd multiple time in the one file, and the 2nd is better when using IsGd only once in a file.

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