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p2🐼 Philosophy

  • Offline first: Data can directly be created as no server has to be requested first. This is interesting for local and global dynamics: A group might be active with p2panda for one week doing something without internet, go back into the city and start to sync with the global space again.
  • Energy saving: A bunch of laptops or raspberry PIs needs much less electricity than a server farm.
  • Chaos: One might get surprised by who is entering the festival as there are no predefined entrance thresholds like ticket-sales etc. (if you need a place for yourself you could still create a p2panda with a different discovery key).
  • Constant belonging / sudden bursts: p2panda is basically running "all the time". A "time-frame" is rather a social agreement happening outside of the technical context. Activities on p2panda can happen globally or locally focussed at any time.
  • Local first / small first: p2panda should encourage people to make festivals / setups for their local communities rather than flying people in (prefer video / audio streaming). Through p2panda it is still possible to build links between international groups / festivals / collectives as they are part of the same protocol.
  • Plurality: p2panda is decentralized and therefore not consistent by nature, meaning that every peer sees a different part and state of it.
  • Anonymity: p2panda only needs the cryptographic key-pair to verify peers and therefore does not need any authentication through email address etc. - technically speaking its not anonymous (you are still being connected to your IP address for example), but even this can be solved with the SSB Tor interface.
  • Recycling: The data is not necessarily owned by anyone, it (for example venues in your city) could be reused / recycled / forked to organize something else in the future.
  • Resilience: Festival servers might be shut off one day, but since the data is stored on everyones machine it automatically got "backed up" by many (dynamic archive).
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