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Ideas on a festival tool based on p2panda

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p2:panda_face: - Festival Tool

⚠️ This document reflects where we started off as p2panda, it shows our motivations and dreams. Since then, p2panda has grown to be more than a software for festivals. Still, we will build this Festival Tool eventually.

This tool is a 🐼 way to get together in self-organized festivals.

A festival can be anything you want to plan with your friends, your circle, your collective, your commune – or people you have never met before: Give the festival tool to your devices and create workshops, gatherings, initiatives, concerts or conferences using the computers and phones you already have – independent of any commercial infrastructure.

What is in it?

  • Decentralised Infrastructure for Self-Organized Events: Let the festival unfold on its own. Every connected device can register venues, materials and resources that can then be put together by everybody to plan and document a series of events.
  • Radical Authorization: Install a festival client to get started, no need to make an account, set a password, etc. Connect with other devices to start making plans together. Everybody starts out equally: Whether you are an organizer, performer or visitor is just decided by your actions and not determined by the type of account you have.
  • Offline first: Every device has its own copy of all information, which lets p2panda work independent of an Internet connection, obliterates a cloud infrastructure and creates an ephemeral archive for every participant. p2panda clients create a peer-to-peer network to exchange and sync information.
  • Open Protocol: The festival tool is based on an easy-to-extend protocol that records the connection of users, resources and events. You can create a serendipity bot that occasionally creates random meeting events for your festival goers, or a hardware display with a live update of the festival schedule, or an archive bot that makes available a permanent copy of the festival on the world wide web.
  • Warmth: Computers make it easy to get carried away by their rigidly structured ways. However, every computer also contains an undeniable spark of pure chaos. We want to capture that spark to ignite a campfire for you to gather around and get cosy.

p2panda can be interesting for:

  • House projects, hackerspaces and other shared spaces that want to make available tools and rooms to a group of people.
  • Organisations, initiatives or (art) projects that are active throughout whole cities, regions or the world.
  • Conferences, museums, galleries, festivals that want to experiment with alternative ways of curation.
  • Metacollectives, which offer spaces and resources across cities to be used by varying collectives and initiatives over time.
  • Fun or esoteric things like a festival in only virtual spaces or even no places.


Learn more

✳️ Technical design and implementation ideas

✳️ Philosophy of p2panda

✳️ Many ideas on how to use the festival tool

✳️ p2panda underlying protocol


💠 C36C3 - Presentation at Chaos Communication Congress 2019

💠 HOFFNUNG 3000 - Platform for self-curated festivals

💠 Shirokuma Cafe - 🐼

💠 Laura Weber - Cute panda illustrations


Ideas on a festival tool based on p2panda






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