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# === makefile ------------------------------------------------------------===
ROOT=$(shell pwd)
-include Makefile.local
.PHONY: all
all: python-env
.PHONY: check
check: all
"${PYENV}"/bin/coverage run "${PYENV}"/bin/trial p2pool
"${PYENV}"/bin/coverage xml -o build/report/coverage.xml
.PHONY: run
run: all
.PHONY: shell
shell: all
.PHONY: mostlyclean
-rm -rf build
-rm -rf .coverage
.PHONY: clean
clean: mostlyclean
-rm -rf "${PYENV}"
.PHONY: distclean
distclean: clean
-rm -rf "${CACHE}"
.PHONY: maintainer-clean
maintainer-clean: distclean
@echo 'This command is intended for maintainers to use; it'
@echo 'deletes files that may need special tools to rebuild.'
.PHONY: dist
# ===--------------------------------------------------------------------===
mkdir -p "${CACHE}"/pyenv
curl -L '' >'$@' || { rm -f '$@'; exit 1; }
${CACHE}/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-base.tar.gz: ${CACHE}/pyenv/virtualenv-1.11.6.tar.gz
-rm -rf "${PYENV}"
mkdir -p "${PYENV}"
# virtualenv is used to create a separate Python installation
# for this project in ${PYENV}.
tar \
-C "${CACHE}"/pyenv --gzip \
-xf "${CACHE}"/pyenv/virtualenv-1.11.6.tar.gz
python "${CACHE}"/pyenv/virtualenv-1.11.6/ \
--clear \
--distribute \
--never-download \
--prompt="(${APP_NAME}) " \
-rm -rf "${CACHE}"/pyenv/virtualenv-1.11.6
# Snapshot the Python environment
tar -C "${PYENV}" --gzip -cf "$@" .
rm -rf "${PYENV}"
${CACHE}/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-extras.tar.gz: ${CACHE}/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-base.tar.gz ${ROOT}/requirements.txt ${CONF}/requirements*.txt
-rm -rf "${PYENV}"
mkdir -p "${PYENV}"
mkdir -p "${CACHE}"/pypi
# Uncompress saved Python environment
tar -C "${PYENV}" --gzip -xf "${CACHE}"/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-base.tar.gz
find "${PYENV}" -not -type d -print0 >"${ROOT}"/.pkglist
# readline is installed here to get around a bug on Mac OS X
# which is causing readline to not build properly if installed
# from pip, and the fact that a different package must be used
# to support it on Windows/Cygwin.
if [ "x`uname -s`" = "xCygwin" ]; then \
"${PYENV}"/bin/pip install pyreadline; \
else \
"${PYENV}"/bin/easy_install readline; \
# pip is used to install Python dependencies for this project.
for reqfile in "${ROOT}"/requirements.txt \
"${CONF}"/requirements*.txt; do \
"${PYENV}"/bin/python "${PYENV}"/bin/pip install \
--download-cache="${CACHE}"/pypi \
-r "$$reqfile" || exit 1; \
# Snapshot the Python environment
cat "${ROOT}"/.pkglist | xargs -0 rm -rf
tar -C "${PYENV}" --gzip -cf "$@" .
rm -rf "${PYENV}" "${ROOT}"/.pkglist
python-env: ${PYENV}/.stamp-h
${PYENV}/.stamp-h: ${CACHE}/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-base.tar.gz ${CACHE}/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-extras.tar.gz
-rm -rf "${PYENV}"
mkdir -p "${PYENV}"
# Uncompress saved Python environment
tar -C "${PYENV}" --gzip -xf "${CACHE}"/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-base.tar.gz
tar -C "${PYENV}" --gzip -xf "${CACHE}"/pyenv/pyenv-1.11.6-extras.tar.gz
# All done!
touch "$@"