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"""This file is here for backward compatibility with versions <= 0.9.9
Delete when 1.0.0 is released!
ident = '$Id: SOAP.py 541 2004-01-31 04:20:06Z warnes $'
from version import __version__
from Client import *
from Config import *
from Errors import *
from NS import *
from Parser import *
from SOAPBuilder import *
from Server import *
from Types import *
from Utilities import *
import wstools
import WSDL
from warnings import warn
The sub-module SOAPpy.SOAP is deprecated and is only
provided for short-term backward compatibility. Objects are now
available directly within the SOAPpy module. Thus, instead of
from SOAPpy import SOAP
from SOAPpy import SOAPProxy
""", DeprecationWarning)