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Last update: Jan 29th, 2011 by João
W.I.P = work in progress

1 P2PU Home 			details/improvement		w.i.p
2 P2PU Showcase 		details/improvement		w.i.p
3 P2PU Course home 		development			w.i.p
4 P2PU About session 		development			w.i.p
5 P2PU Schools h. page		development			w.i.p

- The course home should have course description + course logo + organizer info + activity stream (updates from the course community). There was also the suggestion to add a drag-and-drop list of tasks, to be organized by the course organizer. These tasks are related to the syllabus and weekly planning. - João

- Each school should have its own layout. - João
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