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New user and facilitator surveys and last week activities

Released: 5 April 2018

To get a better idea of how learners and facilitators experience learning circles, we've updated the learner and facilitator surveys.

Learners are sent a message during their last learning circle meeting. This message contains a unique link that takes them to a survey for their learning circle.

Facilitators are sent a message 1 week after their learning circle finished.

We've also added a new final week activity for learning circles. Facilitators will receive a email asking them for advice to another learning circle starting soon. Facilitators can reply to this email during the last learning circle meeting and add anything they wish. This is a bit of an experiment, so we hope that you surprise us!

Organizers will notice that we are continuing improving the weekly update. Learning circles that ended the week before are highlighted so that organizers can easily identify when to follow up with facilitators.

Signup email for learners and facilitators

Released: 14 March 2018

Based on feedback we've received from the community, we decided to create a signup confirmation email for learners. The purpose of this email is to

  1. Confirm to learners that they are signed up
  2. Introduce learners to their facilitators
  3. Introduce learners to P2PU and peer learning
  4. Share a tip from a previous learning circle

Facilitators are copied in the email and both learner and facilitator can reply to the email to communicate with each other.

Improved learning circle & account creation

Released: 1 March 2018

We updated the learning circle creation dialog. We split it into several steps and added a sidebar with content to help you create your learning circle:

This release also brings two often requested features:

  1. The ability to save a learning circle as a draft and publish later
  2. The ability for you to add an additional question for learners when they sign up to a learning circle

The way accounts are created also received some attention. In the past when you created an account, you first had to reset you password using a link in an email we've sent you before you could log in and create a learning circle.

We've updated the process so that you can immediately set a password and log in. You still need to confirm your email before you can publish a learning circle, but in the mean time, you can start creating draft learning circles.

Logged in users will see a profile link on

We've also update the format of the weekly update email for team organizers. Learning circles with feedback are highlighted followed by a list of all the learning circles that happened during the previous week.

Recipe card visibility

To make recipe cards more visible and allow facilitator to access all the recipe cards, we tweaked the facilitator dashboard.

Landing page improvements

Released: Nov 2017

After integrating learning circles into we updated our landing page to redirect learners at and display an overview of what is going on, on the landing page.

Domain organization

Released: Sept 2017

Separation between and caused confusion for facilitators, learners and other interested parties. To address the issue, learning circles has been put front and center on Learners can now find learning circles they are interested in by going to instead of

In addition, we update the site header and navigation to be consistent across the different web properties in active use.

Course selection page

Released: Sept 2017

As learning circles are expanding, there are more courses that are added and used by learning circles. To make course selection easier a dedicated page for browsing courses was created that can be used to learn more about courses, create a learning circle using the course and leave feedback on the course.

Learning Circles



Release notes

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