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dirkcuys added some commits Aug 9, 2012
@dirkcuys dirkcuys Merge pull request #184 from dirkcuys/master
sync changes already released :)
@dirkcuys dirkcuys update to robots.txt for api. Marked api notification content as safe…
…. Renamed resourse to courses.
@dirkcuys dirkcuys updated API resource URI regex to allow spaces for usernames with spa…
…ces in
@dirkcuys dirkcuys avoid exception when callback is called without a text reply 30c8e62
@dirkcuys dirkcuys removed multiple page edit 15ba12a
@dirkcuys dirkcuys fixed filtering by language - language choice are now persistent duri…
…ng a session
@dirkcuys dirkcuys factored course discovery into separate app e8822c3
@dirkcuys dirkcuys forgotten __init__ file :) 6588d82
@dirkcuys dirkcuys moved logic of featured lists into discover.models bda3c65
@dirkcuys dirkcuys tags now act as filters rather than static links ce3e7ee
@dirkcuys dirkcuys fixed bug where signup javascript didn't load because of a duplicate …
@dirkcuys dirkcuys determine complete project list in model 3351a13
@dirkcuys dirkcuys show applied filters and allow removal of applied filters 498500a
@dirkcuys dirkcuys moved template tag to learn_tags, updated style, changed URL back to …
…/groups, updates to style
@dirkcuys dirkcuys removed unused code 804a4ef
@dirkcuys dirkcuys changed default learn link back to comminity picks cf18d96
@dirkcuys dirkcuys added hr to learn sidebar 4287bb3
@dirkcuys dirkcuys renamed discover to learn 8629b61
@dirkcuys dirkcuys changed way tags are passed in the GET request to support tags with s…
@dirkcuys dirkcuys show 5 schools in footer fdb51f6
@dirkcuys dirkcuys updated translation files for release 946faa3
@dirkcuys dirkcuys Merge branch 'master' of 0044cd1
@dirkcuys dirkcuys Merge branch 'master' into release 629846a
@dirkcuys dirkcuys merged commit 198106e into p2pu:release Aug 28, 2012
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