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Welcome to the Lernanta wiki!

Lernanta is the software that supports P2PU's site, which started as a fork of Mozilla drumbeat's Batucada project. It is based on Django, and licensed under MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1. Thanks to all the people who have/are/will contribute code into Lernanta.

Installing Lernanta

Getting started

We have several resources for those of you that want to dive into the code as soon as possible!

  • Then we have a quick overview of what's going on inside the code and how that relates to a running instance of Lernanta.
  • We also have some pointers on how to get your contributions merged back into Lernanta
  • Last but not least, we have a challenge on the P2PU site to help you get started!



  • A development roadmap shows major milestones and an overview of planned features for each bi-weekly release.
  • If you want to submit a bug you can create an issue right here on github. Please ensure that the bug is valid or that a feature is implementation ready.
  • We also have a less tech place for users to ask us questions and report problems at
  • We try to keep a shorter list of issues marked as 'easy-contribution' so new contributors have a good place to get their feet wet with our code base! If you don't find a task just for you, let us know at the mailing list and we will prepare one.
  • We have a page for people interested in translating Lernanta into other languages.
  • You can find other development documentation on this github wiki.
  • Receive daily summary of commit notifications to lernanta:master by email, twitter, or RSS.
  • See dev stats at

More information on adopting a task

If you want to adopt a task, that's great! Even if you're relatively new to programming, this is a friendly community and we encourage you to dive in! (DON'T FORGET TO TAKE A LOOK AT THE CHEAT SHEET) The general process we're following is:

If you're not familiar with that process we're happy to explain it more (and will try to do so in our cheat sheet as well). To do all this, you need to have a github account. If you really don't want to use github, please feel free to send a manual pull request of submit a patch.

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