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Marvin Image CC-BY-SA John Greenaway

Marvin manages our servers using ansible.

To use the Ansible playbooks, you need to

  1. install ansible on your local host.
  2. clone this repo
  3. setup credentials (copy files from AWS S3 to ./host_vars and ./vars aws s3 sync s3://sysadmin/marvin/host_vars/ host_vars/ && aws s3 sync s3://sysadmin/marvin/vars/ vars/. You'll need the AWS CLI installed and the correct credentials set up.
  4. setup access to the remote hosts: copy your public key to the remote host: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/
  5. put the vault password in ~/.vault_pass.txt on your local host
  6. run the relevant playbook: ansible-playbook -v --vault-password-file=~/.vault_pass.txt -i inventory.ini learningcircles.yml

Here are the different plays:

  1. learningcircles.yml -
  2. staging-learningcircles.yml -
  3. community.yml -
  4. discourse.yml -
  5. etherpad.yml -
  6. lernanta.yml - (legacy)
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