Marvin helps us manage our different servers
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Marvin Image CC-BY-SA John Greenaway

Marvin helps us to manage the services that we use at P2PU using ansible.

The typical process of using a playbook is as follows:

  1. install ansible
  2. install Ubuntu Server 12.04 x86 on a remote host or virtual machine
  3. install ssh: 'apt-get install ssh' on the remote host
  4. copy your public rsa key to the remote host: "ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/"
  5. add to your /etc/ansible/hosts file
  6. run the playbook: 'ansible-playbook install.yml --extra-vars "" -K'
  7. sit back and relax :)

Typically you will need to do other things like provide credentials and pass other variables to ansible-playbook. See the subdirectories for more details and instructions.