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@@ -3,5 +3,41 @@ Regal
Regal for OpenGL
+From an application developer's perspective, Regal just looks like an OpenGL implementation.
+You link with it instead of your platform's OpenGL library or framework, and that's really
+all you have to do to use Regal. The rest of your code can remain unchanged.
+| **Warning** | Regal is pre-alpha software, it is provided here to look at |
+| | and to play with the examples. Don't use it in your projects yet. |
+| | You have been warned. |
+Why use Regal? (Once it's ready, I mean.)
+ * It is portable.
+ A single, consistent API that runs on all major platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android
+ * It is compatible.
+ Feel free to use immediate mode, fixed function, GL_QUADS. Old code still works even on ES and core profiles.
+ * It is open source.
+ There is nothing behind the curtain. You can see what Regal is doing and change it if you need to.
+ * It is modern.
+ You can use Direct State Access and Vertex Array Object unconditionally with Regal because it is supported on all platforms.
+ Other similar extensions like debug label and debug output are planned.
+ * It is efficient.
+ If it cannot be implemented efficiently in Regal, it is not supported universally. No tessellation
+ support without tessellation hardware, for example.
+ * It makes development easier.
+ Set a breakpoint on a GL entry point. Step into the code. Look at state. Register an error callback.
+ Regal makes all this possible today. In addition to debug label and debug output support going in soon,
+ there will be support for trace dumps and state dumps to quickly see what your app is doing.
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