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I don't expect you to take this patch but it seems like something like this is needed.

Basically some places there's

ifdef REGAL_SYS_???

and other places there is

if REGAL_SYS_???

That makes it hard to have more than 1 condition.


This seems reasonable to me, Greg. Let's see what Nigel thinks.


I agree in principle greggman.

I've been transitioning things from #ifdef gradually,
I do think #if is working out better overall.

I'll give the "patch" some thought, especially since
it touches Regal.h.

  • Nigel

I think there another broader issue here that REGAL_SYS_ANDROID and other system defines are in Regal.h, but not via RegalUtil.h - which all of the Regal internals depend on. I guess that's why you're hacking things to make them work.

  • Nigel
@nigels-com nigels-com merged commit b568bfb into p3:master Aug 26, 2012

Merged, thanks. And I added RegalSystem.h to avoid needing Regal.h just to know what platform we're targeting.

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