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Merged pull requests 138, 139, and 140

 - Default to hidden visibility for Regal and statically linked library dependencies.
 - Update boost headers to 1.56.0 to get newer compiler support for Visual Studio 2013
 - Add Linux support for abi-dumper output for Regal and Regalw shared library targets.
Don't include <machine/cpu-features.h> as this was causing compile issues on Android.
Fix the paths of ES & EGL libraries to load on Android.
Bump 'export'ed version to 4.5 and regen all the files.

Initial version of script to convert khronos xml files into Regal's .py format.
Includes a lot of reconciliation of Regal's and Khronos gl.xml.
latest commit 5e14ae7d62
Scott Nations authored
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