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oUF_Fader fades the desired unitframe based on conditions.


Remember to set the plug-in as an optional dependency for the layout


-- Fade if the unit is casting or not
self.FadeCasting = true
-- Fade if the player is in combat or not
self.FadeCombat = true
-- Fade if unit has a target or not
self.FadeTarget = true
-- Fade if the unit has full health or not
self.FadeHealth = true
-- Fade if the unit has full power or not (no power for DK/Warrior/Bear)
self.FadePower = true
-- Fade if the unit is hovered by the mouse or not (only applies to frames)
self.FadeHover = true

-- If you prefer smooth fading, set this value to the number of seconds to fade.
-- Don't set if you prefer instant fading.
self.FadeSmooth = 0.5

-- Faded-out alpha, default is 0.3
self.FadeMinAlpha = 0
-- Faded-in alpha, default is 1
self.FadeMaxAlpha = 0.8