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Minimalistic unit frames
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oUF P3lim

This is an addon for the popular MMORPG "World of Warcraft".
It can be downloaded at Curse or at WoWInterface.


oUF P3lim is a layout made for the unitframe framework oUF.
It is a personal layout, customized to my every need, and because of this I am not taking any feature requests.
I've written this layout to be easily readable for those who would like to use it as a reference to their own layout(s).
If you intend to use this layout or parts of it, please credit me for my work.

It has the following features:

  • Minimalistic layout.
  • Supports most roles and playstyles, although designed around damage/tanking.
  • Completely stand-alone, oUF is embedded.
  • oUF Experience is embedded.
  • oUF MovableFrames is embedded (type /pmf to move).

The following units are supported:

  • Player
  • Target
  • TargetTarget
  • Focus
  • Party/Raid
  • Pet (health value on player frame)
  • Boss
  • Arena (including preparation)

The following class-specific powers are supported:

  • Death Knight's Runes
  • Druid's Eclipse
  • Monk's Chi
  • Paladin's Holy Power
  • Priest's Shadow Orbs
  • Rogue's Anticipation
  • Warlock's Soul Shards, Demonic Fury & Burning Embers

Combo points are also supported for all classes and vehicles.


If you have a question, please use the comments section on Curse/WoWInterface.
If you would like to report a bug, please follow this link to get started.


Please see the LICENSE file.

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