Socks proxy server using powershell.
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Creates a Socks proxy using powershell.

Supports both Socks4 and Socks5 connections.


Create a Socks 4/5 proxy on port 1234:

Import-Module .\Invoke-SocksProxy.psm1
Invoke-SocksProxy -bindPort 1234

Create a simple tcp port forward:

Import-Module .\Invoke-SocksProxy.psm1
Invoke-PortFwd -bindPort 33389 -destHost -destPort 3389


  • This is only a subset of the Socks 4 and 5 protocols: It does not support authentication, It does not support UDP or bind requests.
  • Used connections are not always dismissed, causing a memory leak.
  • New features will be implemented in the future. PR are welcome.