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This repository holds several packages:

  • prf-shell-command: Better shell-command API (blog post)
  • prf-shell: Better interactive shell API (blog post)
  • prf-remote-shell: Human-friendly spawning of remote shells

Examples can be found in

They rely heavily on package with-shell-interpreter.

prf-remote-shell relies aditionally on helper packages from p3r7/prf-tramp.


Not yet on Melpa.

For now, the recommended way to install is with use-package, quelpa and quelpa-use-package.

(use-package with-shell-interpreter
  :quelpa (with-shell-interpreter :fetcher github :repo "p3r7/with-shell-interpreter"))

(use-package prf-shell-command
  :quelpa (prf-shell-command :fetcher github :repo "p3r7/prf-shell")
  :after (tramp with-shell-interpreter))

(use-package prf-shell
  :quelpa (prf-shell :fetcher github :repo "p3r7/prf-shell")
  :after (tramp with-shell-interpreter))

And for prf-remote-shell:

(use-package prf-tramp
  :quelpa (prf-tramp :fetcher github :repo "p3r7/prf-tramp"
  :after tramp))
(use-package prf-tramp-friendly-parsing
  :quelpa (prf-tramp-friendly-parsing :fetcher github :repo "p3r7/prf-tramp"))

(use-package prf-remote-shell
  :quelpa (prf-remote-shell :fetcher github :repo "p3r7/prf-shell")
  :after (prf-shell prf-tramp prf-tramp-friendly-parsing))


Interractive Shells

Command for spawning interactive shells or helper function to create new interactive shell-spawning commands.

  • prf-shell | prf-shell (& :path :interpreter :interpreter-args :command-switch :w32-arg-quote)
  • prf-remote-shell | prf-remote-shell (& :path :interpreter :interpreter-args :command-switch :w32-arg-quote)

Shell Commands

Helpers functions to create commands launching (non-interactive) shell commands.

Interractive Shells

prf-shell (& path interpreter interpreter-args command-switch w32-arg-quote)

Command to spawn a shell at current location (default-directory).

Can also be called as a function with provided arguments, even though we recommend using prf-tramp/shell-cl for this purpose.

prf-remote-shell (& path interpreter interpreter-args command-switch w32-arg-quote)

Same as prf-shell but will prompt for path.

Will parse it expecting it to be a remote path.

Shell Commands

prf-shell-command-to-string (path cmd & interpreter interpreter-args command-switch)

Calls CMD with shell-command-to-string at given PATH.

PATH can be local or remote.

prf-async-shell-command (path cmd & interpreter interpreter-args command-switch)

Calls CMD with async-shell-command at given PATH.

PATH can be local or remote.

Similar projects

Howard Abrams' dot emacs

Howard has a lot of goodies related to remote interactive shells and eshell.


  • command eshell-here that behaves like prf-shell called interactively, except spawning eshell instead of shell.
  • command eshell-there that is very similar to prf-remote-shell, except spawning eshell instead of shell
  • various commands for spawning remote shells given host aliases. He also defines a remote-shell-command that behaves like prf-shell-command.


This package provides command better-shell-for-current-dir which is very similar to prf-shell called interactively. One key difference is that it implements a mechanism for reusing existing shell if appropriate.

It also provides command better-shell-remote-open which behaves like prf-remote-shell except it provides autocompletion from ~/.ssh/known_hosts.


Bindings between term.el and TRAMP to ease the creation of remote term buffers.

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