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A .NET WP8/WinRT Framework for Pebble SmartWatch
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P3bble is a framework for connecting to Pebble SmartWatches from Windows Phone 8.

Getting Started:

  • Install P3bble from Nuget or clone this repo and build from source.
  • Add ID_CAP_PROXIMITY to WMAppManifest.xml to allow connections from your app.
  • Detect and connect to the first Pebble found:

To use the library with Windows Phone 8.1 and WinRT (WinRT not finished currently), you need to add this

    <m2:DeviceCapability Name="bluetooth.rfcomm">
      <m2:Device Id="any">
        <m2:Function Type="serviceId:00000000-deca-fade-deca-deafdecacaff"/>

in your Package.appxmanifest beetween the "Capabilities" Tag.

var pebbles = await P3bble.Pebble.DetectPebbles();
if (pebbles != null && pebbles.Count > 0)
    bool connected = await pebbles[0].ConnectAsync();
    if (connected)
        MessageBox.Show("connected to " + pebbles[0].DisplayName);
        MessageBox.Show("could not connect");

Version 2.2 features:

  • Added support for Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1
  • Added support for Windows Phone 8.1

Version 2.0 features:

  • Get and Set Time
  • List installed apps
  • Remove app by index
  • Install app from PBW
  • Launch app
  • Install firmware
  • Music control works from foreground app
  • Refactored methods to be async/await instead of using events
  • Patched FindPebbles to only include items starting "Pebble"
  • Added interface for P3bble to allow mocking
  • Changed from WebClient to HttpClient to make code more portable
  • Changed from SharpGISto sharpcompress to make code more portable

Version 2.0 features were added by Steve Robbins - but they were only possible because of the work that Patrik did originally as well as the Python reverse engineering work.

TODO: WinRT not working yet - unable to connect to Bluetooth paired devices - any help getting this working appreciated!

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 created by Patrik Pfaffenbauer - see


P3bble is released under the 3-clause license ("New BSD License" or "Modified BSD License") - see

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