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P3T Play
P3T is a great community of enthusiastic TRON dapp players. If you want your TRON dapps to be part of the ecosystem to leverage on P3T
marketing and technical support, please fill in this Google form so the P3T team can contact you and review your dapps:
Our process:
1. Dapp owners need to submit the dapp details via the Google form.
2. We will review the dapps (audit the contract codes and check the UI) within a week and if the dapps are approved, we will give the dapp
owners the APIs to connect to the P3T contract.
3. We will announce the dapps to our community as approved third party dapps in P3T Play.
1. Your dapps will need to contribute dividends to P3T holders. The exact percentage is considered on a case-by-case basis.
2. Once the dapps are deployed to the TRON network, you need to either public the smart contract source codes or give us the source codes
for us to compare the bytecodes. This requirement is to prevent malicious apps from being promoted in P3T community.
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