A cross-browser memory game, for memorising the order of a deck of cards, built with Knockout.js.
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A super simple, super lightweight, cross-device memory game for memorising a specific order ('stack') of deck of cards. Runs client-side in the browser and state is saved on the localstorage object. Uses the JavaScript framework Knockout.js (which in turn uses jquery).


  • (Minor) fouc on load
  • (Minor) the 'cheat sheet' is hardcoded, would be better to generate from selected stack use symbols on cheat sheet for suits

Features to add

  • Minimal progress bar
  • Difficulty settings
    • level ideas:
      • level 1: multiple choice from current bank
      • level 2: full range of answers
      • level 3: add in before/after questions at random
      • level 4: 20s timer
      • level 5: 10s timer
    • Optional timer setting on start page: user can set time in seconds (5s - 45s). If time runs out before an answer submitted has same effect as the 'dontknow' button.
    • If timer not turned on, turn on after completing the stack once, and each subsequent time decrease second by 1s to the min 5s.
  • Adding a custom user defined stack (CSV comma delimited)
  • On desktop/laptops, keyboard entry
  • On mobile, entering position using 0-9 instead of 1-52
  • Save and load
    • A way to transfer state between browsers.
    • Prob doable by hashing(?) the localstorage object and spitting out a string which the user copies and pastes.
    • Would be better to have a two way sync but not sure how do without a backend.
    • Some sort of string in the URL...?