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Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Crafting Terminal
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Wireless Crafting Terminal (Beta)

CurseForge Latest Version

Table of Contents


An OP addon to an already OP mod =] Adds a Wireless Terminal version of the AE2 Crafting Terminal with the ability to install upgrades



I'm a huge fan of Open Source software as well as helping people learn. As far as licensing, do what you want. Claim it as your own if you so wish. I don't care =D If you become popular/rich/get a hot wife due to claiming that you made my mod, I'm just glad I could help make another person's life better in some way.



You install this mod by putting it into the minecraft/mods/ folder. It requires that AE2 RV6 Stable also be installed.

Issues/Feature Requests

  • Post 'em in the issues section. =D

Providing as many details as possible does help us to find and resolve the issue faster and also you getting a fixed version as fast as possible.


  1. Clone this repository via
  • SSH git clone or
  • HTTPS git clone
  1. Setup workspace
  • Decompiled source gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
  • Obfuscated source gradlew setupDevWorkspace
  • CI server gradlew setupCIWorkspace
  1. Build gradlew build. Jar will be in build/libs
  2. For core developer: Setup IDE
  • IntelliJ: Import into IDE and execute gradlew genIntellijRuns afterwards
  • Eclipse: execute gradlew eclipse


  • Fork -> Edit -> PR

If you are only doing single file pull requests, GitHub supports using a quick way without the need of cloning your fork. Also read up about synching if you plan to contribute on regular basis.

Wireless Crafting Terminal API

Wireless Crafting Terminal

To make your item a Wireless Crafting Terminal variant, register like normal with AE2 and implement net.p455w0rd.wirelesscraftingterminal.api.IWirelessCraftingTerminalItem

To open the WCT Gui from said item, use WCTApi.instance().openWirelessCraftingTerminalGui(EntityPlayer player);

WCT Configs

Configs have been moved to AE2WTLib


When compiling against the WCT API you can use gradle dependencies, just add

repositories {
	maven {
		name = "covers Maven"
		url = ""

dependencies {
    compile "p455w0rd:WirelessCraftingTerminal:<MC_VERSION>-<MOD_VERSION>:api"

or add the compile line to your existing dependencies task to your build.gradle

An example string would be p455w0rd:WirelessCraftingTerminal:1.12.2-3.10.77:api for the API only or p455w0rd:WirelessCraftingTerminal:1.12.2-3.10.77 for the whole mod.

Wireless Crafting Terminal Localization

English Text

en_us is included in this repository, fixes to typos are welcome.


Files must be encoded as UTF-8.

New Translations

I would love for someone to do translations for me =]


Thanks to the following people for support, code, et al

  • Code/tutorials/general help: Notch, brandon3055, Techjar, AlgorythmX2, thatsIch, Nividica, squeek502, M3gaFr3ak, DrummerMC, cpw, LexManos, Pahimar, diesieben07, Wuppy, Jabelar, blay09, SirSengir, mezz
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